By your side, at any time

We commit ourselves daily to be close to parents with all our passion and expertise, to make each
of those moments a special moment.

1946 – Artsana is born

Pietro Catelli founded Artsana, a commercial agency that specializes in production and distribution of medication articles, soon becoming a market leader.


1958 – The Chicco brand is born

After the birth of his son Enrico, affectionally called Chicco, Pietro Catelli has his greatest entrepreneurial intuition: to create a brand specialized in the baby care sector, to meet all the needs of children from 0 to 36 months. Chicco is born, a brand that in a few years becomes a reference for parents and establishes itself as the market leader in Italy, it is then known over the years and lands in the world.


From 1967 to 1998 – The first Artsana branches

Artsana opens its European branch in Spain, expands in the Far East, opens branches in the USA, Turkey, Brazil, and Argentina.


From 2009 – International Development Continues.

They open new branches including India, Russia, Mexico, and Poland.



The Extaordinary life of the Cavaliere del Lavoro Pietro Catelli has become a biography.



We listen to the needs and emotions of parents and hcildren. We understand them, we make them our own and we are passionate about giving the right solutions for them. We know how and when to be there, in perfect harmony, without ever replacing them.


Seriousness and Competence

We take everything we do seriously, attentive to the safety and reliability of our products, respecting high quality standards. We have an experience of the child’s world over 50 years, a knowledge that is continuously updated with the constant work of our Observatory.


Innovation and Contemporaneity

We are strong of a great tradition, but our eyes are constantly looking to the future to find technologically advanced solutions, in response to the needs of parents and children of today and tomorrow.


Lightness and clarity

Taking care of a child requires the utmost seriousness. We know this, but we think it is equally important to know how to play down with a touch of lightness. Because the parenting experience is by definition also smiling and positive. And our products are simple, immediate, clear from their appearance. And our language is also direct and always with a smile.